DJ Smerk


DJ Smerk is a name that has become synonymous with party rocking and crowd pleasing within the club scene. For the last several years, DJs from the bedroom to some of the largest and most popular clubs worldwide have turned to DJ Smerk to help make their dance floors explode. From his remixes and bootlegs to his collaborations with some of the brightest in the industry, he is renowned for identifying the sound that club goers want and giving DJs the tools they need to deliver it.


Residing in Southern California, DJ Smerk has had the unique opportunity to witness the massive club scene reinvent itself from uninspired and predictable, to a powerhouse filled with VIP treatment and massive electronic sounds. It is within these sounds where DJ Smerk’s talents live. DJ Smerk’s productions are regularly featured on many of the hottest record pools in the DJ industry. In the past year alone, over 20 of his releases have reached #1 status for “most downloaded”. If you’re a dj spinning inside a nightclub somewhere around the world, chances are you have at least one track from DJ Smerk in your music crates.


As of late, DJ Smerk has been breaking away from the Southern California club scene and has been invited to appear at several trendy nightspots around the U.S. as headliner. Most recently, DJ Smerk was featured in Austin at the world famous 2013 SXSW music festival. DJ Smerk is also a member of the World Famous Bumsquad DJz, (a worldwide collective of mix show, club and radio talent). For bookings, contact